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re: Draigoch's Lair

This is my compilation of info taken from several sources:





1. You need to be at least level 75 to start the raid

2. You need to buy the raid: Draigoch's Lair at the LOTRO store, not sure whether this comes with the Enedwaith quest pack or not, will have to check on that.

3. You need to have completed the quest chain starting with "There is Gold in the Hills" starting at Ariene at the gate in Galtrev closest to the trainer's hall. The quest chain then sends you back to Enedwaith. Just past the gwiber area at the bottom of Nar's Peak, you will find an area patrolled by level 75 Dunlendings - this is the path to the dragon's mountain lair. On the Enedwaith map, you can see the lair at 67.2S, 6.6W - it's the grey dragon shape in the crook in the mountains there.

Once you've discovered the location and unlocked the raid, gather up 11 friends and head in. Be warned - it usually takes awhile to gather all the people for a raid so you will need to invest the time to waiting & then the 20 mins to an hour for the raid itself. Draigoch's Lair is a single-mob fight, but that one mob has almost about 6.3 million morale.


Have your raid kit handy!
- morale pots
- power pots
- Morale + Power Regen food
- Stat food - vitality is helpful here
- Hope tokens
- Scrolls of Battle lore
- Scrolls of Warding lore
- Class extras: oils, lute strings, etc.

Group make-up

- 1 Guardian / Warden
- 1-2 Burglars (To initiate FMs)
- 2 Healers (minstrels for in-combat rez)
- 2 Captains (in-combat rez)
- Rest DPS (hunters for speed)

Summary of the fight

When everybody enters the cave, there will be a winding tunnel with openings through which Draigoch peeks. Don't go into the light! You'll die!

At the end of the tunnel there is a platform which collapses under the weight of no less than 6 people. As soon as it collapses you find yourself on level 3 of a 3-level cave where the fight occurs.

Make your way to the South-West corner till you see a glowing treasure chest. DO NOT TOUCH it yet! It will activate the fight and most likely result in a wipe.

Everybody gathers here for buffs and a brief explanation by the raid leader.

The 12 people are organized into three groups:
- Tank + 1 healer to tank the head
- Fellowship manoeuver group (should consist of only those people that are comfortable with doing FMs perfectly)
- Second DPS group

The 2nd and 3rd group are always together.

The way the fight works is that a tank grabs aggro of the head while a healer heals him. Everybody else runs down in the caverns below and kills one claw of Draigoch at a time.

Once all four claws are killed, he collapses into the center of the room. The DPS group goes out into the room while he's down & uses 12 very specific FMs on him and DPSes him for a while before he rises again. When he begins to rise run out quick back to the tunnels!

The purpose of the first four FMs is to put debuffs on his claws so you can take them down faster, the purpose of the next four FMs is to put debuffs on his body so you can DPS him faster, and the purpose of the last four FMs is to deal devastating blows to Draigoch (and the purpose of all is so you can get good loot and your worn symbols for first-timers).

Phase 1 and 2 are more or less the same for the DPS and FM group. Phase 1 - Phase 2 transition happens ~4.7 million morale. A change of music indicates this as does Draigoch saying "Scatter rats..." blah blah blah. Sometimes if he is in the middle of the FM duration, he will not say Scatter rats but the phase can change so be vigilant.
Phase 3 comes at ~3.1 million morale where everybody including the tank is fighting him at the lowest level, in the center room. The tank's job is to tank the head and be healed by his healer. DPS group does essentially the same thing.

When he's at 0 morale, well, you guessed it... He's dead! Good job! Run back into the hallways or risk being crushed by him collapsing a mountain and himself on you.

Detailed explanation

No yelling at people, keeping calm. It's good to have fun and talk but if the raid leader needs to communicate, maintain radio silence.

It is also important to realize that if you die and you hit Retreat, you can not enter the fight again. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get rezzed so just be patient.

Here is the map of the place that will be referred to in this guide.


The main tank and pocket-healer will remain at Position A (West-ish), and the rest of the raid will move to position A-1.

This maze of tunnels can be confusing. In the illustration, the 3 levels are represented by concentric rings - the outermost is the top layer, and the innermost represents the bottom ring running around the floor of the cavern. In actuality, the layers are one on top of the other and not concentric rings, and the connecting tunnels criss-cross and wind back around, but that is difficult to convey in a 2-D illustration.

Positions A, B, C and D are ledges on the inside of the top ring - this is where the tank will fight Dragioch's head.

Lower positions are reached by following the upper ring counter-clockwise - the next downward ramp runs counter-clockwise and leads to the lowest ring, and the second down ramp turns back clockwise and leads down to the middle layer.

The middle ring is where the rest of the raid will fight the dragon's left and right fore-claws. This level does not run all the way around - one end connects to the upper ring, the other end to the lower ring. The bottom ring is where the group fights the left and right lower claws.

Phase One

The tank will use the treasure chest, which activates Draigoch. The great, talkative dragon will go into a long-winded introduction, letting everyone know how bad-ass and awesome he is and how insignificant the invaders are.

The tank will stay out on the ledge, and his pocket-healer will tuck in safely behind the wall, keeping the tank in healing range but staying out of range of the giant head. All the tank has to do here is keep the head busy and hold its attention. The head doesn't need to be killed, just kept busy. As long as the healer stays out of line of sight, this shouldn't prove all that challenging. There is a similar safe-spot for healers at each of the four ledges - usually marked by a treasure chest or gold pile.

The rest of the raid waits at position A-1 to fight the Front Left Claw. The claws do an area-effect attack that is distributed among the raiders in range. If only one or two people are within the attack range of the claws, they can get 1-shotted, so the group needs to stay clustered up to distribute the damage evenly. Everyone in the claw group needs to soak up some damage or the front-liners start dying, so cluster up close. When this claw is defeated, move to position A-2 and fight the Front Right Claw, then to A-3 for the Lower Right Claw, then to A-4 for the Lower.

During Phase One, claw fights are lengthy and slow, and Draigoch may switch positions before the group defeats all four claws. The claw will become unattackable, and the tank will be able to see where the dragon moves to and follow it there - he will move either left (clockwise) or right (counter-clockwise), one position. In other words, from Position A, he will move to either Position B or Position D, but not to Position C across the room. When Draigoch moves, the tank will call out "left" or "right," and the claw group will move accordingly, moving to the same relative spot in the next position.

Another hazard to watch for in the claw fights is the fire "puddle" that will appear at one of the claws. This puddle will appear randomly at one of the claws after each fly-up, and melee characters will want to skirt around it when fighting that claw. If it's not possible to skirt around the fire, that claw will have to be ranged down. It is usually possible to dodge around the fire, though.

The tank and the healer have to move quickly, ideally before Dragioch shouts to announce his intentions - when he moves, he fills the top hallway with fire around the spot where the tank was fighting the head. As soon as the head becomes unattackable, the tank and his pocket healer need to bail, keeping an eye on which direction Dragioch is heading, and get to the next position.

Example: Dragioch moves clockwise while the group is fighting the Front Right Claw at A-2. The tank calls out "left" and runs to position B to tank the head. The claw group moves to position B-2, running down to the lowest ring and then up the next ramp on the outside, and continues to battle the Front Right Claw until it is defeated.

When all four claws are defeated, Dragioch will fall to the middle of the cavern. Wait for him to finish falling before running in, or you could get crushed and killed. When he lands, the claw group runs in and attacks the body. This is a full-on burn - use your cooldowns and do as much damage as you can.

Fellowship Manoeuvres

This is also the part where Burglars play an important role by triggering Fellowship Manoeuvres. There's a new mechanic in this fight for FMs - if the group does the right ones in the right order, they apply debuffs that last the entire fight, making it easier as the fight continues. The group has 80 seconds to do damage and land as many FMs as possible - if the group is experienced and quick, you can get 3 per ground battle, as there is a 20-second immunity after the FM lands. Since the tanks stay up top during this stage, they should not be in the FM-trigger group.

The raid leader will assign everyone in the FM group a number, and that player must hit the right color when his number comes up. The raid leader then sets the FMs by posting the color order in raid chat. These special FMs use only red and yellow, so when your number comes up, be prepared to hit your color.

Example: Raid leader sets the order - "1 - Stan, 2 - Kyle, 3 - Cartman, 4 - Butters, 5 - Timmy, 6 - Kenny". The scheduled FM is YRYRYR - Stan hits Yellow, Kyle hits Red, Cartman hits Yellow, Butters hits Red, Timmy hits Yellow, Kenny hits Red. That one lands, and the raid leader sets the next FM - RRYRYY. Stan hits Red, Kyle hits Red, Cartman hits Yellow, Butters hits Red, Timmy hits Yellow, Kenny hits Yellow.

It may help to make a bunch of FM-order macros - use the /alias feature, /shortcuts in unused quickslots, or programmable macro keys.

To set up an /alias macro, the command is /alias (;command) (action) - for example, /alias ;fm1 /ra RYYYYR. When the raid leader types ;fm1 in chat, "RYYYYR" will come up in the raid channel.
To set up a /shortcut, free up 12 quickslots and use the command /shortcut (quickslot number) (action) - for example, /shortcut 13 /ra RYYYYR. This will give you a clickable "skill" in quickslot 13 (first slot on bar 1) that will automatically type "RYYYYR" in the raid channel.
If you have a gaming keyboard with macro keys, the macro text will be [ENTER] /ra RYYYYR [ENTER]

There are 3 sets of FMs, each with 4 manoeuvers, for a total of 12. For the first set, each successful FM will debuff one of the claws, causing it to take +100% incoming melee damage and +50% incoming ranged and tactical damage. These debuffs are permanent, and when all four land, the claw fights will go much faster.

1. Just A Flesh Wound RYYYYR

2. First Blood YYYYYR

3. Surgical Strike YYRRYY

4. A Slight Sting YRYYRY

With the second set, each FM applies a stackable +25% incoming melee damage / +12.5% incoming ranged & tactical damage debuff to the dragon's body. When all four land, the body takes +100% incoming melee and +50% incoming ranged & tactical damage, making the ground fights go faster.

1. Exposed RYRYRY

2. A Snail Out Of Its Shell YRYRYR

3. Deep Wound RRYRYY

4. A Chink In Their Armour YYRYRR

For the third set, each successful FM takes away 5% of the dragon's maximum morale. When all four land, that's 20% of ~9.8 million = about 1,960,000 morale blasted away by the sheer power of coordination.

1. The Sound of Inevitability RRYYRR

2. Twisting The Dagger YRRRRY

3. Sudden Death RYRRYR

4. Stroke Of Midnight RRYRRY

After 80 seconds, Draigoch will recover himself and fly back to the walls, always returning to Position A in the southwest corner. Get back into the tunnels and resume fighting the claws. Rinse and repeat as needed - you will need to engage him in ground battles a few times to force him into the next phase - his phase changes are based on morale thresholds. Ideally, you will want to get the first 6 FMs off during Phase One to make the consecutive phases go faster.

In the 12-man challenge-mode version, only one group will need to worry about triggering FMs - the group with the Burglar and no tanks. This is fairly easy to manage in terms of assigning spots, but the one Burglar will have to make every FM count - Exploit Opening, Trip and thrown Bags of Marbles will need to be ready for each fight. In a 24-man raid with multiple Burglars, three groups will need to be managed, but the raid leader can cycle through the available Burglars if one of them misses on a FM attempt.

Phase Two

When Draigoch reaches the morale threshold, the battle music changes and he shouts, "Scatter then, rats, hide in your maze!" This signals the transition to Phase Two, and when this happens, the off-tank needs to get up to the top layer. The off-tank has a fairly boring job - he's the insurance policy against one of Phase Two's more challenging aspects - the dragon dekes and head-fakes when he changes position, and tanks can be fooled when determining where he is moving.

It is important for the tanks to be able to pick up aggro on the head as quickly as possible - when Draigoch has no target for his flaming wrath, he takes it out on the entire cavern, causing cave-ins. These cave-ins do around 770 damage per 2 seconds to everyone in the tunnels, so the tanks need to get aggro on the head as quickly as possible.

One way to do this is to position the two tanks on opposite sides of the room, and have them move consistently clockwise (or counter-clockwise) after each position change. As long as they are on opposite sides and always move both in the same direction, there will always be one tank in position to pick up the aggro of the head when it is time. The healer will have time to get to the proper spot without much fuss, even if he has to run all the way around the ring. This is kind of boring for the person not tanking the head - he will just hold his position and watch the dragon's movements, and be ready to move to the next spot.

When the cave-ins happen, the claw group needs to huddle together, against the outside walls and away from the claws, and keep themselves alive. This part of the fight is kind of interesting - the group can suffer a near-total wipe and still have a chance to complete the instance, provided the healers can keep themselves alive. There are long moments where the group is not in combat, and healers can take this time to revive them as long as they are still alive and kicking. If the entire claw group dies except the healer, no big deal. Rez 'em and keep going. Ideally, the claw group will have loads of morale, self-heals and potions at their disposal and will be able to withstand the cave-in damage until the tanks manage to pick up head-aggro. The healers just need to focus on keeping themselves alive.

Other than these two things, Phase Two is basically the same as Phase One - tank the head, burn the claws, engage in a ground battle and trigger FMs when Draigoch falls. If the group manages to pull off all 12 FMs in the sequence by the end of this phase, the last stage will go much smoother and quicker.

Phase Three

The final stage, where the dragon begins to recognize his peril, is indicated when Draigoch shouts, "Cowards! Stand and fight me!" Everyone, tanks and all, drop down into the main chamber and fight a ground battle on the big bed of gold coins.

During this phase, the claws still do distributed AoE damage, and the claw group is still the claw group. The main tank still needs to take care of the head, but this time the head is in a position where it can hurt people that get too close. The tank needs to stay in front of the face, and the claw group needs to attack the claws from behind, but keeping in a fairly tight cluster so the area-effect damage is distributed evenly.

Dragioch is huge- seriously massive, so big that screenshots will mostly show only a part of his body, and so enormous that his every step causes the entire cavern to quake. When the cave quakes, everybody hops and inductions are interrupted. These quakes happen often, so be prepared to be frustrated if you use a lot of long-induction skills.

During this phase, he will shout "My breath is death and your lives are but a trifle in my presence," and will then fly up and create a flaming, coin-flying storm. When he shouts, the group needs to run to the spot where his tail was to avoid the flames - it is marked by a shadowy "cool spot" in the coins. Eventually, he will land, and he will be rotated 90 degrees, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, from his previous position. The tank needs to run back in and pick up the head again, and the claw group needs to get back to work disabling the feet.

Be careful heading back in to engage him after a fly-up. Some of the coins are burning from his breath attacks and leave lingering hot-spots that can do serious damage to anyone running through them. Watch for the brighter patches of coins and don't step in them.

When all four claws are disabled, he will be grounded again, and everyone in the raid can attack his body. If the full sequence of 12 FMs has been successfully completed, this should go much faster than it did in previous phases.

When you finally manage to bring Draigoch's morale down to zero, he goes into his final soliloquy. GTFO NOW! Get out of the central chamber as quickly as possible, because he means to take everyone out with him when he goes. He rants and raves about how he will claim a victory even in the face of clear defeat, and he flies up to the cavern's roof, pulling it down. You don't want to be caught in Draigoch's death throes, so go hang out in the tunnels until he makes his final grand exit.

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