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re: Urugarth

All info comes from http://pooh.cz/lotro/a.asp?a=2014335

Urugarth is lvl 48+ instance located in Carn Dúm location. The Entrance (1) is accesible with full group without great problems.

Just take shortcut through spider caves, jump down to Angmarin place, fight you way to Shadow gate (key needed!), then mount and run through all monsters to next gate (opens without key). Continue running further behind the vendor place, either turn left to bridge or just slightly right uphill - monster will just loose interest. Repair and empty bags, mount up again and continue over the bridge.

After bridge just run straight, few monsters will chase you, jump down left when you came close to entrance to Urughrat, that will make monster loose interest again. In worst case fight few of them. Then be ready to Enter.

Forum Image

Map of Urugarth instance with all bosses locations (numbered), altar locations ("A") and the path which will take you through whole place. Map courtesy of lorebook.lotro.com.

Quests :
[Skinning the Beasts]
[The Enemy's Arms]
[Thinning the Horde]
[Ending Terror]
[Further Upstream]
[Moving Mountains]
[Quenching the Flames]
[The Matron's Brood]

(1) Entrance is safe place, continue, turn left over bridge, AOE a bit and you are right at first boss place. You can start collect items (crates) if you want, but dont rush, there will be plenty of them all over the place, so everybody will get quest done.

(2) Sorkrank and Burzfil ([Insignia of Battle], burglar, champion, hunter) with 9 200 morale each (Elite Master, Orc-kind) are easy pair. Immobilize one if you can, tank and spank other, then tank and spank the second. Be ready for AOE of some bird spawns.

Return back over bridge, continue straight (dont go over new bridge on left yet), kill some monster, more monster, you will be close to next boss. Keep left, no need to clear whole place

(6) Duskhul ([Teeth of Grothorog], Captain) with 30 000 morale (Elite Mater, Orc-Kind) is another easy kill, handle the spawned adds and just kill.

Return back way you entered this place, turn right to new bridge, keep running the only path available while killing some pack of elite/normal mobs. After you are over another bridge, you will be close to next boss. You can clear first the place, as you will have to clear it anyway to continue after killing this boss and next boss (dragon).

(3) Arkur ([Goblin-badge of Rank], Burglar, Lore-Master, Minstrel) with 30 000 Morale (Elite Master, Orc-Kind) is easy, kill the guards before his "throne", pull him down, he will spawn few adds during fight.

Turn left from his place, kill monsters there, go over bridge. Watch big dragon spawning and killing poor goblins, nothing that should interest you. Continue to dragon area, where you can start collecting eggs for quest and kill the small drakes. Attack them one by one, as they will call for bigger drake - your tank must be ready to tank the spawn facing away from fellowship.
After you kill last small drake, retreat back, use Hope potion, get your morale and power sorted and be ready for drake boss.

(4) Lhugrien ([Flawless Scale of Lhugrien], Champion, Guardian) with 45 000 Morale (Nemesis, Dragon-Kind, 5 Dread) is easy if enough of dps, good tank and Hope potion around. Keep her facing away from fellowship, all fight them from sides and just tank and spank. As every drake, she can kick a lot.

If you are lucky, you can use Shortcut (S), requires key from Gruglok - cave will lead you to Langmas place and is filled with some monster just waiting to be killed.

Without key just return back to Arkur place and follow the path shown in map. Be ready for lot of packs and some wandering patrolls and possibly few bosses.

Beware of horn blowers which will spawn many elite adds and can cause easy wipe. Horn blowers are easy to kill, so kill them immediately you see them. Also beware of goblins running away and bringing more packs for your ultimate pleasure. Kill/immobilise them before.

(5) usual place for boss whose name i dont exactly remember now - be aware it can walk around. There might be one rare spawn whose name i dont remember either. Possibly Kughurz (Elite Master, Orc-Kind, 20 000 Morale).

Soon you will see a altar - there is few of them around, all of them should be burned with Torch. Just clear monsters around altar, then get closest torch and run to altar, it will just burn. Burning altars is somehow required for last boss as it clears area (or maybe some other effects).

If you keep the path shown in map, you will just clear everything.Be on guard, burning Altar will spawn some patrols eager to see what is happening - those patrols are not showing themselves immediately, so you can be surprised by their appearance during other fight.

Continue the path shown until you are at warg area, place where other quests are done. On end of are is another boss.

(7) Athpukh ([Warg-keeper's Token], Burglar, Guardian) with 31 000 Morale (Elite Master, Orc-Kind) involves first clearing the places (rejoice for Exceptional hides), then pulling his big Warg friend Lamkarn (Elite Master, Beast, 20 000 Morale) while immobilising Athpukh. After his Warg friend is dead, just kill Athpukh.

Wait some short time as patrols will show again taking care of disturbance in warg's quarter. Kill them and follow the path shown. Go through keep are to bridge, clear the wandering monsters at its beginning, go under bridge and turn either right or left - you must go to both ends to burn two more altars. Northern part is also another quest - dont remember name, but something with "water" and is related to octopus boss in Carn Dum.

After last two altars are burned, return to bridge which leads to last bosses.

(8) Morthrang ([Emblem of Ritual], Lore-Master, Minstrel) with 30 000 Morale (Elite Master, Orc-Kind, 5 Drad) has a friend with him, so keep tanking and killing, there are no surprises. Use Hope pot if you want it easier, done it many times without.
Use path leading north, kill few more monsters and you are at Gruglok location, he drops the key to Shortcut which is also key to last boss.

(10) Gruglok ([Sigil of War], Champion, Guardian) with 36 000 Morale (Elite Master, Orc-Kind, 5 Dread) starts event when you enter the place. Best way to fight is to stay outside the area and kill all spawned monsters there - there is nasty dread inside. It's advisable to use Hope potion, but if you keep fighting outside, it can be avoided.

Keep killing waves by pulling/immobilising them, use the Out of Sight for pulling rangers, be ready for some spawns just in middle of you. After (i think) four waves, final boss, Gruglok will came to take care of you. Take care of him instead.

(9) Lagmas ([Badge of Command], Captain) with 43 000 Morale (Nemesis, Orc-Kind, 5 Dread) is fight with bit of pain. Use your Hope token (the second you will really need here) and start dps-ing him. Don't try to run out of the place as it resets the encounter.

Lagmas has lot of birdie Elite friends who are released at certain levels of his morale. You should kill them while still dps-ing Langmas - watch your healer, as those birds will certainly go after him/her.

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