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re: Great Barrow: Thadur

Thadúr (level 22-85)

Thadúr is the second part of the three-part Great Barrow instance set. There is no path shown because there is only one possible path. All mobs in the instance must be eliminated to continue.

Forum Image

Notable spots

There is a summoning patroller who patrols the very long hallway after the first static group (he paths through the second static group).

To start the "lights" portion, players must kill the group marked, "killing this group spawns the lights". Players are advised to clear the lights room first. 1 light spawns and when it is dispatched two lights spawn, which then yield three lights, then four lights. The first spawns in the center, the rest spawn somewhere towards the corners of the room. If one light is killed before all the lights in that wave are aggroed, the wave is failed. It is said that the timer for each light spawn is not necessarily killing the lights, but instead to aggro them and pull them into the middle of the room (where the first light respawns), however solo testing suggests that there is also a timer for aggroing the lights. Killing the lights triggers the boss to call you to defeat him, but first players must clear one final room, the one labeled, "This room opens after the lights are defeated".


Thadúr the Ravager is one of the five Gaunt-lords. During the fight, he periodically summons waves of adds.

When there are any adds still in his room, he negates all incoming damage from any source (including AoE and DoT damage).

The Challenge (which can only be attempted at level 65) is to quickly light a brazier immediately after each wave of adds is summoned, before the adds are destroyed.

Some summoned mobs are capable of stunning.

Additionally, Thadúr can drop multiple diseases; one of them, a timed disease, will (upon expiration) stun the player and remove 21,000 power.

Each lit brazier buffs Thadúr.

First brazier buff
Forum Image

Second brazier buff
Forum Image

Third brazier buff
Forum Image

All information comes from http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Dungeon:The_Great_Barrow


Thadúr has the same stun abilities as the Gaunt Battle-callers, so bring disease potions or a Lore-master.

Power potions or blue Conjunctions also help with the power drains.

Each time he loses a quarter of his morale, he will become invincible and summon several adds which must be killed in order to make him vulnerable again.

Make sure the DPSers switch to these mobs or their attacks will just be absorbed.

When running Challenge mode, all mobs gain damage reflection after the second wave of adds. DPSers should slow down at this point to give the healer(s) time to catch up.

Bleeds and DoTs are preferable since they are not affected by damage reflection.


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