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re: Great Barrow: Sambrog

Sambrog (level 24-85)

Sambrog is the third part of the three-part Great Barrow instance set. There is no path shown because there is only one possible path. Almost all mobs in the instance must be eliminated to continue (except the optional points marked on the map).

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Notable spots

The purple lines mark the spots that are impassable until all nearby mobs are defeated.

The areas labeled "optional" and marked off with a yellow line do not need to be explored to open the nearby skull door (the purple line for that area).

The "variable spawn" location contains variable spawn points -- wights erupt from various points, one or two at a time.

One of the optional areas contains a brazier for the "light the braziers" quests.

Spirits AND worms Room

Those with the defeat spirits quest will be comforted to know that there are more of both later on.

A lot happens at the spot marked, "Too much to say to fit here".

1. Two ground wights spawn. Their spawn locations are marked with faint glowing red lines on the ground and players are advised to approach cautiously to avoid triggering the casting wights in the center of the room.

2. There are one to three patrolling/guard spirits in the room (depending on level).

3. There are two more wights, one by each stairway, who will put their hands in the air as players approach and begin "casting".

4. As each of these two wights are triggered, more and more mobs will spawn at the back of the hallways down each staircase and come running if any players are near the area where the casting wights are.

5. Mobs will continue to respawn upon death until these casting wights are dead (the respawning mobs can be crowd control, although the mobs are of beast, insect, and dead types).

6. Players are advised not to pull the casting wights before their hands are raised or there will be no trigger to stop the respawning mobs from respawning (they'll just keep coming). If the players are not in the area upon respawn, the mobs will not attack.

7. Once the casting wights are destroyed, the doorway out of the room is opened and a new wight is spawned in front of the open doorway. When that wight is aggroed, two spirits will spawn near where the casting wights were.

Spirits THEN worms Room

This room contains four spirits. Players may run their characters through the middle of the room, around the pillar there, and avoid aggroing the spirits if desired. If the spirits are aggroed and destroyed, worms will spawn in the center of the room.


Sambrog is a Wight-lord (not to be confused with a Gaunt-lord), the Lord of Othrongroth.

He has four respawning spirits which heal him when they are out (there is a very visible green line going from the healing spirit to Sambrog).

The Challenge (which may only be attempted at level 65) is to "use" (disturb) his tomb, located in the center of the room.

This triggers Sambrog to repeatedly summon wights (when the wights are about to die they drop who spawn acid clouds, as do all high-level wights in the instance). Some of the summoned wights are themselves summoners and can stun players.

Players do need to disturb the tomb before triggering Sambrog, or the challenge will autofail.

Sambrog can vomit disease and throw down fear-based purple clouds.

All above information comes from http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Dungeon:The_Great_Barrow


Throughout the battle, Sambrog will summon Fell-spirits to heal him, one at a time. Their effects will stack up if you don't mez or kill them promptly, but a group with sufficient DPS can usually ignore the adds and focus him down.

Periodically, Sambrog will drop purple clouds that cause a fair amount of DoT, so any fellowship members in close proximity should back away when he hunches over.


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