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re: Garth Agarwen: Arboretum

Instance Overview

Instance: Arboretum (small fellowship, currently 3 players maximum)

Challenge Objective: Defeat Grimbark without killing any of his beehives.
Optional Objectives: Defeat Wights, Defeat Bog-Lurkers, Find POIs

Upon entering the Arboretum, players find themselves in a wooded, swampy area, infested with wights, darkwater, and bog-lurkers. The rare bog-lurker Rot-Heart roams this area.

Rot-Heart is an Elite Master-class mob and drops an adamant shard.

The Arboretum is rather confusing, but players will likely need to explore the whole instance to complete the Optional Objectives, which give Eglain reputation points as a reward. Eventually, players will come to Grimbark’s area.

Grimbark is an Elite Master huorn with some special features. He’s surrounded by roots and he will drop beehives which heal him. To complete the Challenge Objective, players will need to ignore the beehives and focus on killing Grimbark as quickly as possible. Completing the Challenge will earn players an Eglan-token.



This instance begins with a clearing where the only way appears to be to the left. However, while you can slay the first group, it is not advised that you continue further because Rot-heart is patrolling.

After Rot-heart's defeat you can begin exploring. You can in-fact go directly forward. From what appears to be a bush, when approached "springs up" to reveal that these are normal trees.

Going straight leads to a large clearing, reaching all the way to the southern end of the instance. Fighting through this clearing is a dead end, but it does have one of the three tombs mentioned in the key locations objective.

Taking a left in the clearing is another "bush-tree" incident, which will lead you to some pillars. Around these pillars near the clearing is another tomb, and on the other side is a chest. After this leads to another "bush-tree" action, to a straight away. Taking a left will lead you back to the beginning, completing the circle.

Now at the entrance, again, go back to the straight away mentioned before. This straight-away, is all lot like the clearing before, but passages are blocked by the trees (which will become passable when you approach).

There are a total of 4 passage ways here: one leading to the pillar room; another one right next to it leading to the memorial in the optional objectives; one more on the opposite side of the straightaway leading to the stone; and the last one on the south end of the straightaway.

After exploring these as you like, go to the south one, which is under the structure which used to be the bridge to the Fortress (in olden days). This is a rather straight path, which contains the last tomb within. After which will finally lead to Grimbark, in which you must not defeat the beehives in order to complete the challenge.


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