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re: Garth Agarwen: Barrows

Instance: Ivar’s Tomb (small fellowship, currently 3 players maximum)

Challenge Objective:
Defeat Ivar without defeating either of his banner-wights.
-Ivar's wight-banners do not move and have low Morale. These banners provide with buffs and makes the encounter more challenging. Move Ivar to a place away from the banners. Throughout the battle, additional wights will spawn from the two mounds on his left and right. Tank - make sure to grab the adds and kill them before going back on Ivar. DPS - make sure to kill the adds before going back to Ivar. Failure on killing the adds will mean more adds will spawn in addition to the ones that aren't killed and will result in a wipe.

Upon entering the Tomb area, players find themselves following a path through high, rocky walls. A number of Creoth hillmen – elite, signature, and normal class – stand in and roam through this area.

After clearing the hillmen, players will discover a small vestibule type of structure with a closed gate at the far end. It’s advisable for all members of the group to enter this area at once – doing so will prove to be very handy. After the far gate opens, players find themselves in an open area with a hill in the middle. Tombs and barrows dot the landscape around this hill.

At first, there seem to be relatively few wights in this area, but as players approach different tombs, more wights will spring out of the ground. The wights present when players enter are elites, while the wights that come up from the ground are either elite or signature. While not all wights need to be defeated to finish the instance, it’s a relatively simple matter to circle the area if players wish to do so. Players who wish to clear the instance will need to work in a counterclockwise circle from the point of entry.

In the center of the area, players will find a path with low walls leading up the hill. To the left of this path, there is a small open area with tombs, rocks, and ruins. Players will need to clear to the left of this area and eventually come to the named elite master wight, Blogkritar, who stands by himself.

Blogkritar has some interesting features and drops an adamant shard when defeated. Blogkritar is a nasty elite mob, who, when nearly defeated, fully heals and summons an elite wight to join him. He summons 2 adds, and must be burned down 3 times before being defeated, making him a brick wall without a primary healer.

After his defeat the way to Ivar will be open.Upon his defeat, players will see an important message. They can then return to the path up the hill, which leads to Ivar’s Tomb.

The door to the Tomb will close when Ivar’s script starts, so it’s important that players enter together. A short scene will ensue which demonstrates Ivar’s plans for the Eglain. He then activates, as do his banner-wights. His banner-wights heal him, but to complete the Challenge, players must not kill them. This is made somewhat more challenging by the fact that the banner-wights each have 1 morale. As the fight progresses, Ivar will summon other wights to fight for him. The ranged Twisted Wights should be dealt with quickly, as they will generally attack healers. Defeating Ivar without killing either of his banner-wights will reward players with an Eglan-token, a barter item which can be used to trade for items available at the barter NPC at the Front Gates camp.


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