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re: ROR Hytbold Dailies: A Guide

I know people have been having issues trying to figure the Hytbold Dailies out, so here's a guide hope it helps

Introduction to Hytbold:
•Hytbold is a town that you have to rebuild.
•In order to rebuild the town you must have Tokens of Hytbold.
•The perk to this town is that when you rebuild certain buildings you then unlock level 85 pieces of armor for your class.
•You will also need Tokens of Hytbold to buy these armor pieces.
•The daily quests are the only way to get these tokens (so far).

Introductory Quests:
•When you turn level 84 you will receive a letter in the mail with the quest To Hytbold which sends you to NPC Edgal (in front of the Mead Hall) in Hytbold
•Edgal gives you the introductory quest Welcome to Hytbold.
•Then Edgal will ask you to continue with The Mead Hall: Rebuild.
•Complete these quests as you receive them.

Now on to the dailies:

1.Always pick up the quest Aiding the Eastemnet from Rinwald in front of the Mead Hall in Hytbold before attempting dailies. You will need to pick this quest up every day in order to do the Hytbold dailies. Picking up this quest allows you to do 5 quests every day to earn [Tokens of Hytbold] and raise your reputation standing with the factions around Rohan.

2.Where are these quests located, you ask? These daily quests are located near the Mead Halls in Harwick (speak with Wigbald, Garbrand, Wulfin); Cliving (speak with Hwytynd, Gladsnel, Aldbeort); Eaworth (speak with Holenmal, Cendal, Derstan); & Snowbourn (speak with Daggaric, Healac, Waldeg).

3.You can complete 5 quests per day; in any order, from any of the above-mentioned towns to get the reputation necessary for the Rohan factions. Yes, you can do 2 quests here & 2 quests there & 1 quest in another town if you need rep with multiple factions, although I suggest you look at the following link to see exactly what rep you need with what factions before you begin the dailies, as this makes getting your armor go much faster.
 Reputation Factions in Rohan:
 Men of the Wold = Harwick
 Men of the Norcrofts = Cliving
 Men of the Entwash Vale = Eaworth
 Men of the Sutcrofts = Snowbourn

4.You can look up exactly what reputation you need with each faction at the site here http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?482751-Hytbold-A-Guide-to-Rebuilding-and-Armour&p=6462883#post6462883.

a.At the above site, scroll down to where it says “Unabridged version,”

b.under “Class Armor Set Summaries” click on your class:

--For example, if you’re a LM you want to click the link for the Lore-Master & this will take you down to the Hytbold LM armor sets. You should now be looking at the 3 armor sets for the LM. These sets coincide with traits, so if you are mostly traited for Fury then you are probably going to want to try to get your Hytbold Armor of Fury.

5.As you can see, the site tells you how many tokens you will need for each set, what rep you need for each faction, and what buildings you will need to rebuild in order to unlock each piece of armor for that set.

a.For example: in order to unlock the LM’s Hytbold Armor of Fury you’re going to need:
i. [250 Tokens of Hytbold]
ii. Ally standing with the Men of the Norcrofts faction
iii. Ally standing with the Men of the Sutcrofts faction
iv. Kindred standing with the Men of Entwash Vale faction
v. Kindred standing with the Men of the Wold faction

So in this example, you’re looking at getting the LM Hytbold Armor of Fury, so you are going to need to do the following rebuilds:

The Mead Hall: Rebuild (25 tokens needed) – NPC Edgal (no rep needed) – this is the introductory quest, so if you did that quest, you have already done this rebuild 

The Stable: Rebuild (15 tokens) - Edgal (no rep needed)
 The Stable: Enhancements I (5 tokens) - Warin (Norcrofts Ally)
-----unlocks [Helm of Hytbold's Fury] (35 tokens)

Tower of the Wold: Rebuild (5 tokens) – NPC Oseg (Wold Ally)
-----unlocks [Jacket of Hytbold's Fury] (35 tokens)

Tower of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild (5 tokens) – NPC Hereswith (Sutcrofts Ally)
-----unlocks [Leggings of Hytbold's Fury] (15 tokens)

The Armoury: Rebuild (15 tokens) – NPC Edgal (no rep needed)
 The Armoury: Enhancements I (5 tokens) – NPC Oseg (Wold Ally)
 The Armoury: Enhancements II (5 tokens) – NPC Hereswith (Sutcrofts Ally)
 The Armoury: Enhancements III (5 tokens) – NPC Warin (Norcrofts Ally)
 The Armoury: Enhancements IV (5 tokens) – NPC Fréamar (Entwash Ally)
completing all 4 of the above unlocks
 The Armoury: Inhabitants II (5 tokens) – NPC Edgal (no rep needed)
-----unlocks [Gloves of Hytbold's Fury] (15 tokens)

Tower of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild (5 tokens) – NPC Fréamar (Entwash Ally)
 Tower of the Entwash Vale: Enhancements I (10 tokens) – NPC Egmund (Entwash Kindred)
-----unlocks [Boots of Hytbold's Fury] (15 tokens)

Cottage of the Wold: Rebuild (10 tokens) - Hargar (Wold Kindred)
-----unlocks [Shoulderpads of Hytbold's Fury] (15 tokens)

Side note: some NPCs will not show up in Hytbold until you reach a certain reputation with their respective factions (so you won’t be able to see Hargar until you reach Kindred with the Wold faction, etc)

So in this example, the LM will need to complete daily quests in Cliving (Norcrofts) until Ally standing, Snowbourn (Sutcrofts) until ally, Eaworth (Entwash Vale) until kindred, & Harwick (Wold) until kindred. And yes, this is going to take a few weeks, but if you do the dailies every day and only do the quests in these areas until you hit the reputation you need for that area, then it will go pretty quickly.

Disclaimer: This is a fast track to the armor & does not take into account any other rebuilds/upgrades to Hytbold that you decide to do. If you want your armor quickly, only use your tokens for the rebuilds that you absolutely have to do in order to get the armor, then once you have your armor, go nuts rebuilding the town!  All information came from the following site, which also has a map that shows where all NPCs are located 

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