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re: Fornost: Wraith of Water

Wraith of Water is an instance within Fornost in The North Downs. [6.1S, 55.3W] Levels 30-85


The beginning is in an area of orcs. One battle is unavoidable in order to proceed, but the rest are optional. In tier 2 the orcs have frontal AoE, so make sure the tank faces a different direction than the rest of the group.

At the end of the Pen area Zhurmat is overseeing the pens. He has 4 goblin adds (both ranged and melee) that join in with him and they must be killed quickly. CC, such as rooting, will not work because another 4 goblins will spawn at every 1/5th of Zhurmat's health (4 more waves total). Zhurmat can apply an interrupt-able heal to his allies. In tier 2 he can also apply a green heal circle. Thus, interrupt any healing, and in tier 2 you pull him and his adds out of the healing circle.

Once Zhurmat is defeated the group may accept the optional Sara Oak-heart quest in the pen area, or press forward.
Next is a large pool with water. It will silence you, so fight on the patches of land. Fight through the mobs (green for melee, blue for ranged) till you get to the tower Barad Eithel. Make sure you do not pull 2 groups. Fight through the tower to Megoriath.

Once the combat begins, burn down Megoriath until he reaches a certain morale threshold when he will break down a wall. After a while, he will break down another wall, and then a third. In tier 2 he will also summon adds which must be taken care of immediately. In order to avoid the silencing water there are stepping stones that you jump on to reach Megoriath. This process repeats itself until Megoriath is defeated.

Challenge: The Deep End

The challenge here is to avoid falling into the deep water in the room with Megoriath. The deep water can only be seen once Megoriath breaks down the walls around his starting position. To avoid failing the challenge, either stay in the middle where the boss first spawned, or else use the stepping stones to jump from platform to platform.

If your fellowship has ranged damage and a burglar, the best tactic is to have the burglar trait Blind Fury and keep Enrage active on the boss after he breaks the first wall. This will keep Megoriath from doing any ranged damage. Using this tactic, the tank entire fellowship should stay in the middle, so as to be able to take down the adds that will spawn after every time the boss moves.

Quest: Oakheart's Plight

This quest is optional and not required for anything.
Sara Oakheart is found in a prison pen within the Fornost: Wraith of Water instance, after having killed Zhurmat.
If you accept the quest Sarah will open the gates to the 5 pens in the area, one at a time. Watch her, as she will run into the pens she opens and aggro the mobs inside.
The first pen contains crebain, the second dwarf and man prisoners, the third orcs and wargs, the fourth elven prisoners, and the 5th orcs and wargs.

Make sure that when the tank has mobs they face away from Sarah Oakheart, otherwise their frontal AoE will kill her.
Once the elven prisoners are released 3 orcs will spawn in the path towards the entrance. There is no penalty for allowing the prisoners to die, so make sure you are first watching Sara as she opens the last pen, and only then saving the elven prisoners. Sara must be kept alive or her quest will fail.
Once these mobs are dead, Sara will run towards the entrance, where you will confront the two uruks Shiruk and Kamordî. These uruks both do full AoE damage, so ranged dps works best.

All information comes from http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Fornost:_Wraith_of_Water

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