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re: Fornost: Wraith of Earth

Wraith of Earth is an instance within Fornost in The North Downs. [6.1S, 55.3W] Levels 30-85. This is the second of four World Instances within Fornost.


The very beginning of the instance is a boss fight. Go into the room and encounter Warchief Búrzghâsh. Make general boss preparations for this, and then approach him. He will summon adds.

For tier 1 go ahead, and kill these. The orc archers now stack so it is best to kill them as well. Then the War-chief joins in, kill him too.

For tier 2 the fight is a little more tricky. CC is your very best friend in this. If you kill the adds the warchief hits like a truck, he one shots guardians on crits and you will not last. The goal is to find a manageable balance between adds, and the warchief. Killing 4 will only give the warchief a +80% damage, and makes the adds more manageable for your LM if you have one.

After that you will head into the troll area. The adds should be no problem. Proceed through the area till you see one goblin in a gate, he will run back to get help from more trolls.

For tier 2, Gurkâmâb is right next to them. Burn him down within a minute and a half, or he will gain a +400% damage buff and much like the war-chief he will hit like a truck.
After dealing with Gurkâmâb & Co. continue through till you get to Barad Harn. Clear out all the adds you can reach, and then flip the switch. This will unlock the room to the left of the entrance. Kill the trolls here, and move on to the room across from it. After that the gate on the far side from the entrance will unlock. Proceed through and climb up the stairs to the next level.

Fight your way to the stairs, and climb up to the third level. Here you will encounter Rhavameldir. He will summon adds and one troll. Kill the adds first and then move on to the boss. Eventually all will go down, and you can get your loot, and proceed out of the exit to the west.

Challenge: Pillars of Earth

The only difference between this and a regular tier 2 run is that you must not defeat any of Rhavameldir's adds.

Every third of Rhavameldir's health an Armoured troll will become active (total of 3), as well as a group of goblins (9 or 12 total).

Ranged trolls will also become active (4 total) throughout.
Best strategy is to have the main-tank take on all of the adds (the trolls have adaptation, so cannot be perma-CCed), while an off-tank handles the boss in the center of the room.

Info from http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Fornost:_Wraith_of_Earth

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