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The Knights of Valour

The Kinship of the Knights of Valour was created in November 2007 by Hitocrat, a Champ of notable disrepute.

Hitocrat was formerly an officer of a FUN kinship, the "Miner's Hold," ("MH") a small kinship of close knit members who ran all types of content. In June of 2007, Hitocrat met Pherenn, who introduced many factors into the Miner's Hold, including the concept of freely sharing many items with other members with benefits to all. During this wonderful time, the leader of the Miner's Hold decided to join the MH kinship with another well-known "Raiding kinship," called "Pantheon."

This kinship was quite large and dedicated almost solely to Raiding, which left out low level instances, help or a place where people could learn about Vilya and the wonderful things Lotro could offer the gaming community.

Due to Hito's disenfranchisement with Pantheon, in November 2007, Hito decided to take the concepts created, learned and fostered and used those concepts to forge his own kinship, the "Knights Templar," and invited Pherenn to help run and manage the kinship. After attempting to re-make Pantheon to a more wide-ranged kinship, and after conflicts with another officer who steadfastly could not understand Pherenn & Hito's kin concepts, it was decided Pherenn would move to Hito's new kinship, the "Knights Templar," and he was granted the title "Second in Command" of the Kinship.

When Pherenn left the Pantheon kinship, most of the officers and members of that kinship followed Pherenn. This allowed Hito and Pherenn to create a kinship with the policies and concepts of "helping" each member, instead of "drama," or fighting over who has the best gear. Shortly after Pherenn left Pantheon, that kinship closed due to lack of members and internal pressures.

A few months later, the Knights Templar became the RenamedAR kinship, as the Game Managers (GMs) determined a kinship name of historical significance could not be used in Lotro. Thus, after a vote of the kinship (indeed, a "Name your Kinship" contest was created for the "best name" of the Kinship which would signify the kin ethos embodied by Hitocrat and Pherenn; that being a helpful, caring kinship, where everyone attempts to work together). the Knights of Valour (KoV) was born.

Since 2007, Pherenn has led the kinship with Hito providing guidance and input. In early 2008, after a vote of the kinship, it was determined the officers of the Kinship would be titled "Lords and Ladies," and that Pherenn would be granted the title "High Lord."

In 2008, due to school and his personal life, Hitocrat was compelled to withdraw from the game. The formal leadership of KoV was transferred to Pherenn. Notwithstanding Pherenn always managed the kinship, this was the actual formalized transfer of title of "Leader" to Pherenn. Thankfully, as of 2011, Hitocrat continues to be a valued member and officer of the KoV leadership cadre and his input is always valued. Together with Hitocrats vision, and Pherenn's leadership, the Knights of Valour continues to this date following the initial Kin ethos of attempting to provide help, fun and service to each member.

The Knights of Valour is one of the largest active kinships on the Lord of the Rings (LOTRO) VILYA server and as of January 2011, surpassed 1400 members and had 860 active in just the last 30 days prior. The Kinship member list is constantly culled so that all inactive players after 120 days must reapply for membership. On January 13, 2011, the Knights of Valour exhibited on one of the largest fireworks shows in Bree, with hundreds of members participating and over 1000 fireworks being set off in front of the Prancing Pony.

However, Pherenn noted the Bree town constables were upset with the amount of debris left over after the kinship party, and KoV was cited accordingly.

The Knights of Valour prides itself on being a drama free kinship with many runs per day of the different content. If you have an interest in joining Lotro VILYA's Knights of Valour (KoV), please send an in game message or email to Pherenn, or any of the many officers of the kinship online.

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